The ancients had a saying: "In the beautiful women, the three parts are the beauty, but the seven are thanks to jewelries". That's enough to see that the jewelry is always a companion to women in every era.

Gold, silver, platinum and a variety of other gems are mined and manipulated to order to become precious jewelry that embellished women’s beauty. It is therefore the preservation of the jewelry so that they always retain beauty is that many women are concerned about. Some of the following tips will help you to restrict the "down" signs of jewel items after a period of usage.

Natural pearls and cultured pearls are made from a living entity so there is a lower hardness than other gems. In addition, because the principal ingredients are organic cells of calcium carbonate and water is largely composed of organic layers of conchiolin and calcium carbonate CaCO3, pearls are quite sensitive to chemicals as well as susceptible to environmental impact.

Pearl is surrounded by layers of nacres should limit exposure to chemicals that are easy to corrode, peel off like hair sprays or other chemicals... In order to increase the longevity, good durability of the product, you need to master the know-how to use and preserve pearl jewelry as follows:


-Do not wear jewelry at heavy work or chemical exposure. When playing sports, doing chores or carrying, it is recommended to remove all the jewelries out to avoid scratches or reduce their brightness.

-Do not wear jewelry on when bathing, washing or swimming. When spray perfume, it is recommended to remove all the jewelries out, spray finished wearing the jewelries on.

-The jewelries should be carefully preserved in individual boxes. Storage box should be put cotton or foam.


  1. Use the right way: the "wear-after, remove first" rule applies. This means wearing pearl jewelry after wearing cloths and makeup; Remove jewelry before changing outfits, personal hygiene. In addition, you need to restrict to the pearl jewelry exposure to:

– Chlorine: Do not carry pearls when swimming.

– Chemicals: Hair spray, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry cleaner, detergents, bleach, dishwashing detergent, ...

– Avoid heat: To clean pearls, do not use hot water, the more one is not used boiling water, should only wash pearl jewelry with pure water. Limited to high-temperature pearls exposure.

– Do not wear pearl jewelry when working badly, be prone to friction scratching.

  1. Clean pearl jewelry: Some chemicals can cause pearls to lose shine, so it is recommended to use warm water and soap without a strong detergent should only use purified water to clean pearl jewelries. At the same time, do not use brushes or other detergents that work on the surface of the pearl. After washing, it is necessary to wipe the pearl jewelry with a soft, a clean cloth. A damp cloth can be used to wipe, but it must be to dry jewelry before storing it.
  2. Storage: The best way to preserve pearl jewelry is to wrap them individually into multiple layers of soft, smooth fabric and put in a separate box to avoid scratching.
  3. Product maintenance:

– Periodically from 3 to 6 months, you should bring pearls to the warranty center to check the wear of the chain of pearls, chain locks, the details of beads....

– It is not recommended to store pearl jewelry with other jewelries, because it is prone to friction, collision damage pearl.

– Do not wear pearls jewelry regularly. Do not let pearls friction regularly with coarse fabrics such as jean, khaki... can also scratch the pearls.


Preparation: purified water; bowls; soft towel; soap; mild detergent.

Step 1: Use a soft towel, it is good to choose the type of towel woven from cotton, do not use toothbrushes or plastic sponges as they will increase friction with the scratched or worn pearl surface.

Step 2: Gently wipe the pearl chain with a dry towel to erase dirt and sweat to the silver and gold jewelries with pearls. After you wipe the overall you should gently wipe each one.

Step 3: After having wiped over a turn with a dry towel, you take another clean towel to dip into the clean water solution to wipe again. Or you can also take advantage of a dry towel, but on the condition that you wash them off. Use a clean towel to wipe. Repeat step 3 until you feel they are clean.

Step 4: Wipe with water will not be enough for the pearls to become shiny. You dilute the soap solution into warm water, then use the entire surface of the wipe and then wipe each pearl one. You can use the Castile - light vegetable soap. Absolutely do not use jewelry washing water containing high ammonia ingredient, they can wear your pearl jewelries.

Dip the towel in the pure water and wipe each pearl. Note, not to have this soap solution cling to other materials such as silver, gold, they will lose the shiny appearance of these precious metals.

Step 5: Use a damp towel to wipe the pearl chain until the soap foam is completely removed. Then you use a dry, clean towel to wipe on the last one. Wipe until the soap foam clean.

Step 6: Clean the clasps. You can use a more specialized or simpler solution wipe, you can use the toothpaste.

Use a small cotton swab, dipped in a solution gently rub the clasps. Absolutely not solution to touching pearls.

For silver rings, silver earrings or any kind of jewelries with pearls. You can also use the above method for cleaning. Your jewelry will always shine.

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